Here are the minutes of our monthly 2nd Saturday meeting at Audacity.

9 current members, 3 guests, and 1 cute puppy dog were in attendance.

A special welcome to our guests, Neil, Jared, and Eual!

Some of the quality home-brews sampled at this meeting included:

  • DCHG brewed Imperial Stout aged on bourbon soaked coffee beans
  • DCHG brewed Summer wheat aged for 2 years!
  • Tron’s Windsor Ale / English Bitter
  • Tony’s Lemon Lime Hefe-Weizen
  • T Michael’s Dusty Bottoms Triple
  • Steve’s Imperial Stout

Thanks to everyone for sharing their brews!

On to business…

Bluebonnet Brew-off 2017

2017 Key Dates:

  • Jan 15, Online Entry Registration and Event Registration opens
  • Jan 29, Online Entry Registration closes (or total of 1525 entries)
  • Feb 2, Deadline for physical receipt of entries
  • March 17, Online Event Registration closes for reduced admission
  • March 24 & 25, Bluebonnet Conference

We will be meeting Saturday 01/21/17 at the Bearded Monk to discuss further details for Bluebonnet. If you plan on attending the homebrew competition this year please try to make it to this meeting.

We discussed plans to do an Off Flavor Tasting class as a club. We also discussed doing a yeast presentation as well as a hop flavor tasting in the near future. Date / Location TBD.

We made plans to start meeting up at Baron’s Brewwerks on the Final Friday of each month to share brews, talk recipes, and show support for the local homebrew shop in Denton. Next meet up at Baron’s will be Friday 01/27/17


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