3:00pm March 18th @The Bearded Monk

The next general meeting of the Denton County Homebrewers’ Guild was scheduled for 4:00 pm on March 18th at The Bearded Monk in Denton. 
However, John MacDonald, the President, is changing the meeting time to 3:00 pm because of a minor conflict at The Bearded Monk that many of us will want to attend, watch, etc. 

 At 4:00 pm on the 18th they are conducting the judging of the latest installment of the Ballast Point Homework Assignment and at least two of our members are entering the competition. This is becoming a DCHG owned event as Brian (Toast) won the last one and T. Michael won the competition before that. If a DCHG member wins this one, they may have to retire the trophy to DCHG.
So the plan is we’ll have our meeting from 3:00 – 4:00 and then hang around to drink beer, watch the judging, eagerly anticipate the results and have a great time talking about beer.


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